You have entered the Home Page Region Thing for OtherMUSH, "The Strangest Thing You Will See This Month." Feel free to come on in and see what came out of our heads.

But, first, the dreaded Disclaimer:

The OtherMUSH homepage links to pictures and URL's that contain adult material, unsuitable for minors and chipmunks and rabbis. If you are under the age of consent for your country, state or trailer park, permission for you to read past this page is hereby explicitly revoked. So explicitly, in fact, that I just bit my tongue.

Permission is also revoked if you are calling from or via an area (eg country or state) under whose laws permitting you to access such material would constitute an offense or break a law or disturb a policeman or make Santa angry.

Therefore! Being of sound mind and grumpy body I do hereby swear that I am of age in the country that I'm contacting you from or the one I was born in under the rules established above in lurid detail, and although I really don't understand what you said above and am in fear that I just signed away my entire estate, I am now responsible for everything I do and say and think and put in my nose:

Signed: ____________ (pretend you're signing your name here. It's fun.)

Links to URLs beyond this disclaimer page is in violation of the Disclaimer unless you first insert a similar disclaimer to this one, as long as you don't use my clever wording.